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Onsite Refinish

At Millennium Hardwood, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services to bring out the best in your hardwood floors. In addition to our expert sanding and finishing services, we specialize in hardwood floor refinishing.

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    Hardwood Floor Refinishing

    We can revitalize solid wood floors, some engineered hardwoods, and of course on-site finish installation. Our craftsmen have over 20 years of experience and bring a wealth of knowledge and precision to every refinishing project.

    Solid Wood – Most solid hardwoods can be sanded down and refinished if there was no extensive water damage and if the subfloor has not had serious damage to the point the floor would be unstable.Most homes in central Texas that do have solid wood tend to have domestic red oak that ranges from 2.1/4″ wide and up to 5″ wide. Resurfacing the floors in many cases is proffered because it allows the homeowner to change color and likely save money on the floors as opposed to replacing.

    Engineered Hardwood – Most engineered hardwoods sold in the past 25 years are not floors that can be refinished due to the thin veneer – sometimes less than 2mm. The good news is that as engineered hardwoods became more popular, and in many ways more stable than solid wood, manufacturers looked into ways to make them even more attractive to customers. The result of this is that now there are pre-finished engineered hardwoods that have up to 6mm wear veneer. These hardwoods can be sanded down and refinished, sometimes even multiple times. One thing to look for in your engineered floors is the top veneer dimensions. In most cases if this wear layer is 3mm or more then likely your floors can be sanded and refinished.

    Utilizing some of the best on-site stain finishes available, such as Rubio Monocoat and Duraseal, we ensure exceptional results that enhance the natural beauty of your wood floors.

    Revive your old, worn-out floors with our refinishing services. We’ll bring your wood floors to their full potential and restore them to their natural beauty. With our expertise, you can enjoy elegant and long-lasting hardwood floors. Contact us today to discover how we can breathe new life into your wood floors.

    Color Options

    These are just some of the available options

    Price for sanding down and refinishing hardwood varies on the species, type of hardwood, color that has to be removed, and most importantly on the condition the floor is in. If you have questions and would like to schedule a free in-home estimate, please contact us.

    Hardwood Floor Repair

    Onsite RefinishHardwood floors are a classic addition to any home, but they can suffer wear and tear over time. However, over time, even the sturdiest floors can fall victim to wear and tear, leaving homeowners needing expert hardwood floor repair. From scratches to water damage, our professional team can help transform your floors and bring them back to life. Our hardwood floor repair services cover everything from fixing gaps and replacing damaged boards to providing full refinishing.

    Revive your home’s beauty and safeguard your investment with hardwood floor repair. Timely addressing issues keep your floors from further damage, extending their lifespan. Whether you plan to sell your property or improve its charm, choosing professional hardwood floor repair is a wise decision.

    Don’t lose hope if your hardwood floors are worn or damaged. Reach out to our team of experts to restore them to their former glory. They will repair your worn-out floors and bring out the beauty in your hardwood floors. Contact us today and see the stunning results for yourself.

    Hardwood Floor Restoration

    Transform your home with hardwood floor restoration and revive the original splendor of your worn out floors. Over time, hardwood floors tend to lose their luster, becoming scratched, dull, or faded. But don’t worry, our transformative process will bring them back to life.

    Restore the beauty of your hardwood floors with the help of our seasoned professionals. Our skilled craftsmen possess an extensive knowledge of wood species, finishes, and restoration techniques. We carefully assess your floors and develop a tailored plan to bring them back to life.

    Revive your living space and increase the value of your home with hardwood floor restoration. With restored floors, you can proudly showcase the timeless elegance of hardwood, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for family and guests. Restoring your floors ensures their longevity and will save you on costly replacements in the future.

    Elevate the beauty of your home by restoring your worn-out hardwood floors. Trust our skilled craftsmen’s commitment to delivering exceptional results as they unleash the true potential of your floors. Rediscover the unmatched charm of hardwood and give your home the upgrade it deserves.

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